Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine, FRESKO 5-In-1 Hands-Free Food Sealer for Food Saver, 95Kpa Vacuum Sealer, Dry & Moist Food Modes,Compact Design with 20PC Vacuum seal Bags


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Money & Food & Space Saver

FRESKO continuous vacuum sealer removes air from specially designed bags. Multi-layer material heat seals to keep air out and prevent freezer burn, reduces spoilage and food waste. Easily identify different foods with the clear vacuum seal bags and save space by removing air for even easier storage.


Our mission is food saving and making smart food storage more accessible to everyone. Inspiration and innovation seem to go hand-in-hand. We believe more people can enjoy a fast and efficient lifestyle and experience the warmth of home with our products.

Fresko – Promise: If you experience any issues, please ask us for help and we will help you solve them. The Fresko team is here to provide you with the best service.


Power: 110-120V/60Hz

Vacuum & Seal time: <25 seconds

Sealing time: <20 seconds

Maximum sealing size: 11.8″

Sealing width: 3mm

Noise: ≤70dB


Luminous LED Ring

Luminous LED Ring







Luminous LED Ring

One-touch dry & moist ‘Hands-Free’ automatic operation for

perfect sealing every time. Incorporates intuitive status display so you are in control of your time

One-Touch Operation

FRESKO V8 eliminates the multiple manual operations necessary with typical vacuum sealing devices. Intelligent one-touch vac-seal offers true convenience, true automation, and true ease of use.

Removable Magnetic Drip Tray

The magnetic drip tray catches falling crumbs or excess liquid, keeps your countertop clean, the removable design is for easy cleaning.

Sous-Vide Cooking Assistant

With moist mode, Fresko V8 is a perfect way to finish the first step in sous vide cooking. Instead of using a microwave, you can boil your vac-sealed food.

Easy to Use







Step 1 – Insert the open end of bag with food into the sealer and make sure there is no excessive moisture and overfilling.

Step 2 – Choose the vacuum mode you want – just one touch, Fresko V8 automatic vacuum sealer will do the rest.

Step 3 – After the LED progress bar turns to be a circle, and hear a “click”, take out the vacuumed food.


Preparation Guidelines for Meat and Fish:

For best results, pre-freeze meat and fish for 1-2 hours before vacuum packaging in a FRESKO Bag. This helps retain the juice and shape and guarantees a better seal.

If it’s not possible to pre-freeze, place a folded paper towel between meat or fish and top of the bag, but below the seal area. Leave the paper towel in the bag to absorb excess moisture and juices during the vacuum packaging process.

Note: Beef may appear darker after vacuum packaging due to the removal of oxygen. This is not an indication of spoilage.

Preparation Guidelines for Vegetables:

Vegetables need to be blanched before vacuum packaging. This process stops the enzyme action that could lead to loss of flavor, color, and texture. Note: All vegetables (including broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, turnips) naturally emit gases during storage. Therefore,

after blanching, they must be stored in the freezer only.

When freezing vegetables, it is best to pre-freeze them for 1-2 hours or until solidly frozen.

Size in details

16.57″ x 4.44″ x 4.41″

15.71″ x 6.3″ x 2.83″

15.5″ x 2.9″x 4″

6″x10″ pint size

8″x12″ quart size

Strong Suction




Automatic Operation

Meets UL or ETL Safety Standards

Designed to Prevent Burns

Patented Removable Drip Tray

Dry/Moist Mode

Width for Vacuuming and Sealing




6″x10″ pint size

8″x12″ quart size

Pack Ins

(1) 20 x Vacuum sealer bags (8″ x 12″) (2)1 x Power cord (3.7 feet) (3)1 x User manual (4)1 x Air suction hose (5)1 x Automatic Vacuum sealer

(1) 20 x Vacuum sealer bags (8″ x 12″) (2)1 x Power cable (3)1 x User manual (4)2 x Air suction hose (5)1 x Automatic Vacuum sealer

(1) 20 x Vacuum sealer bags (8″ x 12″) (2)1 x Power cable (3)1 x User manual (4)1 x Air suction hose (5)1 x Automatic Vacuum sealer

100 x (6″x10″pint size)

200 x (8″x12″ quart size)

For more support, please feel free to communicate with us.

Q1:What should I do if I am not satisfied with my vacuum’s performance?

A1: Here are some tips you can try:

Please check if your dust storage bag is damaged.

Please avoid overfilling, always leave at least 3″ (7 cm) of the page empty and check for damage before use.

The unique luminous LED ring will give you a clear sign of vacuum and seal, or when it is done.

Please feel free to tell us if you have any other issues.

Q2: If your device stops working suddenly:

A2:To ensure safety when in use, this machine is programmed to automatically shut down for 2-3 minutes after 20 minutes of continuous use.

Q3:Why is my vacuum seal not so great when I use other brands’ dust bags?

A3: Please make sure the width of the bag measures within 11.8 inches.

The bag we include is designed with texture, and overall you may find that the sealing effect is better, as such we recommend using vacuum bags with texture on one or both sides.

Please note that liquid food needs to freeze to solidify before vacuuming.

Q4: Will the vacuuming effect be affected if you press the wrong button when in dry or wet mode?

A4: This will not affect vacuuming, but the sealing heating time will be longer. It is recommended that you use the correct setting.

🐟【Keep Food Fresh & Save Money】FRESKO Vacuum Sealer Machine with advanced air sealing technology, subjected to harsh laboratory testing, designed to provide a secure, airtight heat seal to keeps food to stay fresh and flavorful up to 8 times longer, preventing spoilage and food waste, helping save money and space. Make the automatic food sealer be a good helper in your life
🍖【Easy To Use & Clean】The food saver vacuum sealer machine is fully automatic with a one-touch digital button along with a led indicator lights control panel, which can be easily operated by new users, elderly people, and children. And the bottom drip tray is easy to clean, its magnetic design ensures no water leakage and allows easy removal and installation. Give you a clean and tidy home
🥑【95 Kpa Strong Suction & Safety 】Fast and effective vacuum sealer with upgraded powerful air sealing system technology. Compare with other low suction food sealer machines,95kPa stronger suction and high-quality. can complete the vacuum and seal within 10-20 seconds quickly. The most special part is that it can vacuum seal moist food like liquids, soup. Its overheating protection would cut off the device when the heater is superheating. To avoid Scalding the children
🍷【Meal Prep Made Easy】The food sealers vacuum packing machine can help you to seal the number of foods to store in your refrigerator, easily organized, and save spaces. It’s also great for cooking sous vide, fantastic food sealer machine works well for your sous vide. It will be easier for you to cook if you have friends and family dinner party, your friends and family will be better to balance the nutritious eating habits
🌽【Compatiblity & A Fully Starter Kit】Extended Design Can Meet More Requirement, Max. Width for Vacuuming and Sealing: 11.81inch. All pre-made bag sizes; Optional accessories include regular and wide mouth mason jar sealers and bottle stoppers for wine and oil bottles. 1 x Air suction hose, 20 x Vacuum sealer bags (🌽8″ x 12″quart size ), 1 x Power cord (3.7 feet), 1 x User manual, 1 x Food Sealers Vacuum Packing Machine (16.6 x 4.4 x 4.4 inches)

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Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine, FRESKO 5-In-1 Hands-Free Food Sealer for Food Saver, 95Kpa Vacuum Sealer, Dry & Moist Food Modes,Compact Design with 20PC Vacuum seal Bags


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